miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

Sweet models A6M Zero.

New year, new games.

A few months ago, one of my friends, gave me a present that he bought for me in a holidays tryp across Japan.

The present is a Mitshubishi A6M Zero 1/144 model from Sweet aviation models.
Inside the box we found two kits of the Zero MK 52 or 52 A.

The model box.

The model, of course, is small, and is a little bit difficult, but, the model guide is, very easy to understand, and explain very well with pictures, and in japanese and english all the steps to make the model .

The planes after the firsts painting steps.

The painting guide is also very easy to understand. I choose the colours of 253rd flying group in Rabaul, and the 343rd flying group in Guam. The colours for the planes suggested in the box.

The A6M Zero.

And now, I must think, what can I do with those planes.
I decided ask to my Club partners, because we are playing Canvas eagles for Spanish Civil war, and I thought, maybe, those rules are good for an small scale. We are playing Canvas with 1/72 models.
My partners told me another rules, Check your six, rules for aviation battles in small scales.
I never paly those rules, but, I cant wait for fly with my Zeros over the Pacific...

Check your six.

viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

Dead Man´s Hand.

Two years ago...

I begin a new time for my games and my mighty lilttle men, and I begin withe the new game in my group, Dead Man´s Hand, from Great Escape Games.

Pnkerton detectives.

I choose the Pinkerton detectives for my band of DMH. Why?
I don´t know, maybe I remember when I was a boy, the extrange detectives, visiting with their long coats, and small hats from the big city, the small and wild towns of the forntier. They were very different than the rude cow boys or the savage indians.

The game.

The miniatures are from Artizan designs, soft white metal, with some interesting details, like de monocule in one of the detectives. The gun of one of the detectives was full of metal imperfections and was very difficult to clean, but this os the only one problem that I found in those miniatures.

The three miniatures wear long coats, and small bowler hats. Thwo of them have a long rifle, a Winchester I think, and the other miniature have a colt gun.

Next time, painting the Pinkertons.

lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013


Do you remember Battletech?
Yes, Battletech, the heavy mechs game form the last 80´s and the early 90´s.

Mechs in painting mode.

In the early 90´s Battletech was my first serious wargame, my first game with an small group of players and rules translated to spanish,  a lot of paper miniatures,  four different boxes and a lot of books to play.

Awesome and Battlemaster fall down in the battlefield.

The game is very simple, groups of giant robots, with a pilot inside, like Mazinger Z, fights in the name of their house for the control of the galaxy.
The robots are full of weapons and are divided in four groups, light, medium, heavy and assault.
Each mech can move and jump a number of hex, and fire their weapons depend the distance with more or less difficult.

Battlemechs during the battle.

Now is the 25th birthday of this game, and in my local club, a group of fanatics of this game, begins to play with our old miniatures, a campaign with three of the factios of the game.

10th of Lyran guards.

For my old minis, I took the scheme of the 10th of lyran guards, an elite unit of House Steiner faction. 
The minis are diveded in two groups, the metal minis, between 1991 and 1993, are Ral Partha minis, and a very rare Locust from Battledroids, and the plastic ones, from 1995.
The metal miniatures are very nice, very easy to paint and full of details, but the plastic ones... I don´t like the details, the plastic, are full of imperfections... are no good minis, but are old!!!
Is a very nice game, with the flavour of the first wargames, but interesting and funny!!!

domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Canvas eagles Spanish civil war.

After six months I come back to my blog.
And I return with a new game, a funny and interest game.

Stuka over Spain.

We are testing canvas eagles game, with 1/72 planes, for Spanish civil war.
We were playing last year with WWI models, and we thought, it can be interesting try to play with better and modern planes.

Nationalist bombers behind republican fighters.

We divided the players un two different sides, of course, nationalist and nazi, and republicans.
The nationalist mission were bomb two bridges, and to make succesfull their mission, the flew with a Junkers Ju 87 STUKA, Henschel 123 ANGELITO, and Messerschmidt BF 109.
The republicans faced their opponents with three Polikarpov I 16 MOSCA and a Boeing 281 Peashooter.

A Mosca shoot the Stuka during the bridge attack.

The game, as I told, was very funny, the Polikarpov, during the game were very well planes to hunt the bombers, hitting the Stuka, and destroying the Angelito. But, to face the BF 109 were too weak.
The Peashooter destroyed the Angelito, but was not an opponet for the BF 109, and this destroy the Boeing nafter their first combat.

A Mosca flight looking for enemy bombers.

miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012


This is a 1/72 model to play Too fat Lardies Charlie don´t surf rules. Is a plastic model from Italeri, made and painted for my club partner and friend, Anibal invictus, the spanish bigger lardie´s fan. 

Very easy to made, and very quick, is perfect for attack helis on the board game, flying over the 28mm minis.

I painted the  heli crystals, because I think is better for minis and models, looks... better in a game...I don´t know, may be are extrange, but  I like a lot!!!
What do you think about?

The OH-6 A CAYUSE, was an attack, LOH, or recon heli during Vietnam war. This heli won fame as quick and reliable. Perfect to support land troops and move quickly special forces.
After the war, in the early 70´s were replaced by OH-58 Kiowa.