lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Hittite warriors.

This is my first finished hittite warriors unit for WAB.
Is a twenty men unit, equiped with thrusting spear, hand weapon and shield, and with no command group.

The miniatuers are from caesar miniatures, the only one company that make 1/72 plastic hittite miniatures. They are very nice minis, with an excellent quality.
I painted following osprey guides and some university and archeological books about Mesopotamia and the bronze and biblical ages.
The bases are from kallistra company and mars ultor, each one is 20mm front and 40mm side with two models/base. Are covering with sand and painted with browns and greys colours, as the mountain lands in Anatolia mountains where the hittitrs lived.

Next project for this unit is buy and paint a command group from New line designs.

viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

Blood bowl undead team III. Mummies.

I finish my blood bowl team!!!!!
I painted the mummies yesterday night, and today are ready to begin the bloodbowl league in my club!!!!


They are the strongest players and the core of my team, Athletic Calvario, the bloodbowl version of Ahtletic Bilbao, my favourite team in spanish football league.


My next bloodbowl project is paint a goblin team, as Celtic Glasgow ( I think is ridiculous, green over green, but is not my decission) for one of my club partners.


lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Dark elf assassin.

Following with my GW painting time, I stopped with my blood bowl team, to paint a different miniature, a dark elf assassin, from and old GW box.

Is a plastic model, I don´t know from what game, warhammer quest I think, I bought ten years ago, this model were in box, for kids, with heroes for Warhammer fantasy battles.

To paint it, I painted over black, chaos black, and dry brushes with german grey and imperial purple. For the knife, german grey, dry brush with boltgun metal, jade green over the blade, and some blood red.
I finished the miniature in more or less one hour. Quick and easy to paint.
To finish the model, I painted a chaos warrior head, and I put between the assassin feets.


A good, and rare model for my dark elf army.

domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Blood bowl undead team II. Ghouls and skeletons.

The end is near, I finished the ghouls and the skeleton players, and to finish the Ahletic Bilbao undeads, I only must paint the mummies.

Skeletons and ghouls.

I had no problema with the skeletons, they are easy to paint, and the final work is very nice, but twith the ghouls, I tried to paint one of them, as a cyanotic human.
I don´t like much the model finished... is, too much GW.
I painted over black, with GW imperial purple, blue wash, and first light with elf flesh and second light with pale flesh. Highlighs with white.
I don´t know...





jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

The great unclean one.

I painted this model, more or less ten or eleven years ago.
One week ago, looking for old models to make the base, I found this GW great demon of Nurgle. It was painted with the old GW colours, and looks like a cucumber with horns.

Front view.

I decided, give a better look, and, over the green skin, I painted with some flesh paint.
It was look better.
Ok, I thought, maybe, I can paint a leg with flesh paint.
And I painted.

Right view.

The model looks fantastic!!! and I began to oaint all the model.
First the head, front body, rear body, right arm and sword, right leg, and left arm.
After five days, I finished the model. And the final work, is, incredible.

Rear view.

The skin was painted with dwarf flesh, flesh wash, 1º light with darf flesh, 2º elf flesh and for the highlights, an old GW pale flesh colour.
This model have a long tonge, but, when I made, prefer remove this tonge, because, give to the model a look ridiculous, and is a demon!!!

Left view.

sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

Blood bowl vintage III.

I finished my vintage blood bowl players.
I painted each player, with a different football team colour scheme:
The chaos dwarf with Newcastle United colours.
The chaos player with Manchester United colours.
The dark elf with Inter Milan colours.

Three vintage miniatures.

Remembering Nobby Styles, I decided paint the chaos player as a Manchester Utd player. I prefer the black trousers because I think looks better, for a chaos player, than the white trousers.
The miniature looks very, well, and, is my favourite of the three vintage miniatures.

Chaos player.

The dark elf, was paint, looking a picture about Inter defender, Cordoba. His uniform is the common for Inter players, but his boots are yellow. I think, a pair of black boots looks better for a dark elf, but a different colour boots, give the player, the look, that I am try to give my players, as modern football players, where, every day is most common the colour boots, white, yellow, red...

Dark elf lineman.

The last miniature, the Newcastle Utd chaos dwarf was paint, looking a Coloccini picture, the argentinian captain of Newcastle. The colour scheme is similar to the dark elf, the boots, as Coloccini boots, are white.
This was the most difficult miniature to paint, because is full of armour, and I hate paint the armour with colours, I only like for the armours, metal and black.
To give a solution to this problem, I painted the shoulders with black and white stripes, also, I hate paint the shoulders, but, I had no choice, the armour or the shoulders.
The shoulders.

Chaos dwarf lineman.

viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

Blood bowl undead team. Zombies and wights.

The blood bowl league is coming to my club!!!
I am painting my team for the league, is an undead team with Ath Bilbao, my favourite team in spanish league, colours. Red and white stripes shirt and black trousers.


The first five miniatures that I finished are three zombies and the two wights of games workshop undead team box.
For the zombies I had no problems, I painted them taking some pictures about TV series and films as references.
The wights were a bigger problem.
I painted the first wight as a medieval knight, with a metal armour, withs three ink washes, chestnut, black and green, to give the armour an ancient look, and, in the knees and one shoulder the red and white stripes.


As I wasn't convinced with this model, I decided change the colour scheme for the other wight. I painted a black armour, with tin biz, boltgun metal and german grey dry brushes. And in the edges of the shoulder and in the knees, the red and white stripes.


I like the zombies, I think the final work is very nice, but the wights... I don´t know.
Now I am finishing the skeletons...

Zombies and wights.
The wood elves are from Sergio De Miguel team. The stadium is from club Dragon collection.