sábado, 19 de mayo de 2012

Panzer III Platoon.

After a month with no entries to my blog, I come back stronger and with a lot of news.
The first of all is my new Panzer III for flames of war and blitzkrieg commander.

 panzer III platoon.

This is a set of five models from battlefront mniatures, and are painted to play battles in Africa theater or Sicily.

 Panzer III details.

I painted the tanks in two different ways, with GW chestnut ink, or with GW black ink. After, I was paint the two first tanks, I asked to my friends in my club what tank they prefer. All of them answered, the black ink one.
And, I painted the other three with black ink.

 Tank details and command chariot.

I also prefer this way to paint the chariots.

Command chariot.