domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Canvas eagles Spanish civil war.

After six months I come back to my blog.
And I return with a new game, a funny and interest game.

Stuka over Spain.

We are testing canvas eagles game, with 1/72 planes, for Spanish civil war.
We were playing last year with WWI models, and we thought, it can be interesting try to play with better and modern planes.

Nationalist bombers behind republican fighters.

We divided the players un two different sides, of course, nationalist and nazi, and republicans.
The nationalist mission were bomb two bridges, and to make succesfull their mission, the flew with a Junkers Ju 87 STUKA, Henschel 123 ANGELITO, and Messerschmidt BF 109.
The republicans faced their opponents with three Polikarpov I 16 MOSCA and a Boeing 281 Peashooter.

A Mosca shoot the Stuka during the bridge attack.

The game, as I told, was very funny, the Polikarpov, during the game were very well planes to hunt the bombers, hitting the Stuka, and destroying the Angelito. But, to face the BF 109 were too weak.
The Peashooter destroyed the Angelito, but was not an opponet for the BF 109, and this destroy the Boeing nafter their first combat.

A Mosca flight looking for enemy bombers.