lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013


Do you remember Battletech?
Yes, Battletech, the heavy mechs game form the last 80´s and the early 90´s.

Mechs in painting mode.

In the early 90´s Battletech was my first serious wargame, my first game with an small group of players and rules translated to spanish,  a lot of paper miniatures,  four different boxes and a lot of books to play.

Awesome and Battlemaster fall down in the battlefield.

The game is very simple, groups of giant robots, with a pilot inside, like Mazinger Z, fights in the name of their house for the control of the galaxy.
The robots are full of weapons and are divided in four groups, light, medium, heavy and assault.
Each mech can move and jump a number of hex, and fire their weapons depend the distance with more or less difficult.

Battlemechs during the battle.

Now is the 25th birthday of this game, and in my local club, a group of fanatics of this game, begins to play with our old miniatures, a campaign with three of the factios of the game.

10th of Lyran guards.

For my old minis, I took the scheme of the 10th of lyran guards, an elite unit of House Steiner faction. 
The minis are diveded in two groups, the metal minis, between 1991 and 1993, are Ral Partha minis, and a very rare Locust from Battledroids, and the plastic ones, from 1995.
The metal miniatures are very nice, very easy to paint and full of details, but the plastic ones... I don´t like the details, the plastic, are full of imperfections... are no good minis, but are old!!!
Is a very nice game, with the flavour of the first wargames, but interesting and funny!!!