miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

WWII Vampire slayer.

This morning, I went to a very popular miniatures shop in Madrid, to change my old flames of war set of rules, for the new handbook set.
As usual, I was looking for new miniatures, books...
Looking the WWII warlord boxes, I found a very interesting box. A british soldier, I think is a MP, with a thompson, round model, submachine gun and a cross, and a German or Romanian officer, dressing a hussar uniform, with a big cloack, and the face of a vampire!!!!

The aristocratic vampire officer.

I thought, those miniatures are fantastic, I don´t know for what, because we play WWII games, but not with horror miniatures.
In one second I decided buy the box.
As I told, I don´t know what can I do with the miniatures. I think the soldier is right for WWII, and the vampire for WWI, but, the nazi eagle is in his uniform...
May be to play back of beyond, or fantastic/horror skirmish games, or to give a funny touch to our WWII games.

The vampire slayer

miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2012

Blood bowl vintage II.

Following with my blood bowl teams, I painted my vintage flesh golem.
To paint the miniature, I didn´t think a lot, all my GW flesh colours, flesh wash, and dry brush, and dry brush...

rear view

For the team colours, I choose -I am painting my blood bowl teams as spanish football league teams- one of the most popular teams in Spain, Atletico de Madrid. I painted over one arm armour, red and white stripes, and blue in the other arm.

front view

I think is a very good add to my vintage miniature collection, and to start a necromantic blood bowl team.

martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Blood bowl vintage.

One of my club partners, sold me last sunday a big box with around 100 GW vintage miniatures, from 1985 to 1990. Some of them were blood bowl players.

Dark elf lineman

Flesh golem

Chaos dawrf lineman

Chaos player

I was looking for references about those miniatures, but I found, only about the dark elf lineman, and some chaos players like my chaos players, I bought the same miniature two times.
The most interesting, for me, is the golem, I couldn´t find pictures or references about this rare miniature.
The last player, the chaos dwarf is not similar to the classic chaos dwarfs. Those dwarfs are like persians, but this dwarf is like WWI germans, but with shark theeth.

martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Assyrians vs Egyptians.

From 740 to 627 Bc, Assyrian empire under kings as Tiglath Pilesser, Senaquerib, Salmanssar, or Asurbanipal rules Mesopotamia, and conquered Canaan, and Egypt.
They fought only one big battle, in egyptian border in Sinai.
The egyptian army were destroy.

Clash of chariots

The battle we played, is a fictional assyrian attack in canaan border.
We played, as usual, with WAB 2.0 rules, and with 20mm-1/72 models.
We used zvezda, caesar, atlantic, and new line designs models for this battle.

Clash of Chariots and cavalry

Egyptian line

The egyptian army were large and quickly, but poor armoured, the assyrians, were less people than the egyptians, but stronger and very well armoured.
This battle, was a very slow battle, where the egyptians attacks with all their chariotry the assyrian left wing, trying to involve, and fleeing the left wing from the assyrian cavalry in the right wing.
The Assyrian deploy were classical, with an strong battle line, to try to cut in the middle the egyptian army.
After four hours fighting, we decided, no one of them can break the other.
Usualy, the assyrian army is superior to egyptian army, but, the god of dices, was angry with assyrians, and the rest is history...

Miniatures from the collection of Jaime de Miguel.