martes, 17 de enero de 2012

WWII Ships.

For my fleets for Victory at sea, 1/3000 scale, I add four new ships.
I was buying Navwar ships for my Japanese, German and USa fleets, this company make excellent models for WWI and WWII wars, but those models are from Skytrex.
The models are very good, but I think are smaller than navwar. But this is not a problem to mix miniatures form both companies in your fleets.
They are very easy to paint, and look very nice whith more ships sailing to meet the enemy fleet!

The first is the german pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee, a Deutschland class heavy cruiser.

The other three are Gato class submarines for USA fleet.

Are the SS 212 Gato, SS 213 Greenling and SS214 Grouper.

Elf paladin

This is the last add to my elf army for Warhammer Fantasy.
It´s a paladin miniature from ten years ago, more or less.
I like collect miniatures, historical, fantasy, sci fi... I have a very big bretonian army for fantasy, 10000 points, miniatures from 1994 to 2005. Also I have two more armies ready to play, skavens and empire, both, around 2000 points.
But, also, I have at least 1500 points of every armies for fantasy, high elves, chaos, undead, dwarfs...

To paint the model I choose an elf picture from a rpg, with a colour scheme very simple.
Blue, grey, black, and gold, and to make more dramatic the model, I painted some blood on the sword to give the elf a look, more, I don´t know, killer.

This is, the new general for my elves, and one of the best painted miniatures in my collection.

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012