viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

Dead Man´s Hand.

Two years ago...

I begin a new time for my games and my mighty lilttle men, and I begin withe the new game in my group, Dead Man´s Hand, from Great Escape Games.

Pnkerton detectives.

I choose the Pinkerton detectives for my band of DMH. Why?
I don´t know, maybe I remember when I was a boy, the extrange detectives, visiting with their long coats, and small hats from the big city, the small and wild towns of the forntier. They were very different than the rude cow boys or the savage indians.

The game.

The miniatures are from Artizan designs, soft white metal, with some interesting details, like de monocule in one of the detectives. The gun of one of the detectives was full of metal imperfections and was very difficult to clean, but this os the only one problem that I found in those miniatures.

The three miniatures wear long coats, and small bowler hats. Thwo of them have a long rifle, a Winchester I think, and the other miniature have a colt gun.

Next time, painting the Pinkertons.

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