miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016

Sweet models A6M Zero.

New year, new games.

A few months ago, one of my friends, gave me a present that he bought for me in a holidays tryp across Japan.

The present is a Mitshubishi A6M Zero 1/144 model from Sweet aviation models.
Inside the box we found two kits of the Zero MK 52 or 52 A.

The model box.

The model, of course, is small, and is a little bit difficult, but, the model guide is, very easy to understand, and explain very well with pictures, and in japanese and english all the steps to make the model .

The planes after the firsts painting steps.

The painting guide is also very easy to understand. I choose the colours of 253rd flying group in Rabaul, and the 343rd flying group in Guam. The colours for the planes suggested in the box.

The A6M Zero.

And now, I must think, what can I do with those planes.
I decided ask to my Club partners, because we are playing Canvas eagles for Spanish Civil war, and I thought, maybe, those rules are good for an small scale. We are playing Canvas with 1/72 models.
My partners told me another rules, Check your six, rules for aviation battles in small scales.
I never paly those rules, but, I cant wait for fly with my Zeros over the Pacific...

Check your six.