miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012


This is a 1/72 model to play Too fat Lardies Charlie don´t surf rules. Is a plastic model from Italeri, made and painted for my club partner and friend, Anibal invictus, the spanish bigger lardie´s fan. 

Very easy to made, and very quick, is perfect for attack helis on the board game, flying over the 28mm minis.

I painted the  heli crystals, because I think is better for minis and models, looks... better in a game...I don´t know, may be are extrange, but  I like a lot!!!
What do you think about?

The OH-6 A CAYUSE, was an attack, LOH, or recon heli during Vietnam war. This heli won fame as quick and reliable. Perfect to support land troops and move quickly special forces.
After the war, in the early 70´s were replaced by OH-58 Kiowa.

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