lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Hittite warriors.

This is my first finished hittite warriors unit for WAB.
Is a twenty men unit, equiped with thrusting spear, hand weapon and shield, and with no command group.

The miniatuers are from caesar miniatures, the only one company that make 1/72 plastic hittite miniatures. They are very nice minis, with an excellent quality.
I painted following osprey guides and some university and archeological books about Mesopotamia and the bronze and biblical ages.
The bases are from kallistra company and mars ultor, each one is 20mm front and 40mm side with two models/base. Are covering with sand and painted with browns and greys colours, as the mountain lands in Anatolia mountains where the hittitrs lived.

Next project for this unit is buy and paint a command group from New line designs.

2 comentarios:

  1. Great looking figures and painting. Always nice to see Hittite armies. Best, Dean

    1. Thank you Dean!!! I have a large hittite army, but not painted. There aren´t enought miniatures to make the units that you need for an hittite army for wab. I know only two companies, caesar and new line, both for 1/72 minis.