jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

The great unclean one.

I painted this model, more or less ten or eleven years ago.
One week ago, looking for old models to make the base, I found this GW great demon of Nurgle. It was painted with the old GW colours, and looks like a cucumber with horns.

Front view.

I decided, give a better look, and, over the green skin, I painted with some flesh paint.
It was look better.
Ok, I thought, maybe, I can paint a leg with flesh paint.
And I painted.

Right view.

The model looks fantastic!!! and I began to oaint all the model.
First the head, front body, rear body, right arm and sword, right leg, and left arm.
After five days, I finished the model. And the final work, is, incredible.

Rear view.

The skin was painted with dwarf flesh, flesh wash, 1º light with darf flesh, 2º elf flesh and for the highlights, an old GW pale flesh colour.
This model have a long tonge, but, when I made, prefer remove this tonge, because, give to the model a look ridiculous, and is a demon!!!

Left view.

4 comentarios:

  1. Es feo de co####es pero supongo que se trata de eso. La verdad es que te ha quedado fenómeno

    1. Es muy feo, si. es un demonio de la putrefacción. Estaba pintado de verde, cuando estaba a punto de barnizarlos, me dio por pintarlo. Esta semana acabo mi blood bowl, y empiezo un equipo de encargo.

  2. Prize-winning painting here. Best, Dean

  3. Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja, thanks a lot!!!