sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

Blood bowl vintage III.

I finished my vintage blood bowl players.
I painted each player, with a different football team colour scheme:
The chaos dwarf with Newcastle United colours.
The chaos player with Manchester United colours.
The dark elf with Inter Milan colours.

Three vintage miniatures.

Remembering Nobby Styles, I decided paint the chaos player as a Manchester Utd player. I prefer the black trousers because I think looks better, for a chaos player, than the white trousers.
The miniature looks very, well, and, is my favourite of the three vintage miniatures.

Chaos player.

The dark elf, was paint, looking a picture about Inter defender, Cordoba. His uniform is the common for Inter players, but his boots are yellow. I think, a pair of black boots looks better for a dark elf, but a different colour boots, give the player, the look, that I am try to give my players, as modern football players, where, every day is most common the colour boots, white, yellow, red...

Dark elf lineman.

The last miniature, the Newcastle Utd chaos dwarf was paint, looking a Coloccini picture, the argentinian captain of Newcastle. The colour scheme is similar to the dark elf, the boots, as Coloccini boots, are white.
This was the most difficult miniature to paint, because is full of armour, and I hate paint the armour with colours, I only like for the armours, metal and black.
To give a solution to this problem, I painted the shoulders with black and white stripes, also, I hate paint the shoulders, but, I had no choice, the armour or the shoulders.
The shoulders.

Chaos dwarf lineman.

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    1. Ja ja ja ja ja, estoy preparando la liga de bloodbowl del club. Ya casi he terminado mi equipo de no muertos, que me ha quedado espectacular, y me han encargado pintar uno de goblins para otro jugador.