lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Dark elf assassin.

Following with my GW painting time, I stopped with my blood bowl team, to paint a different miniature, a dark elf assassin, from and old GW box.

Is a plastic model, I don´t know from what game, warhammer quest I think, I bought ten years ago, this model were in box, for kids, with heroes for Warhammer fantasy battles.

To paint it, I painted over black, chaos black, and dry brushes with german grey and imperial purple. For the knife, german grey, dry brush with boltgun metal, jade green over the blade, and some blood red.
I finished the miniature in more or less one hour. Quick and easy to paint.
To finish the model, I painted a chaos warrior head, and I put between the assassin feets.


A good, and rare model for my dark elf army.

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