jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Vietcong rpg 2 team.

Our last set of rules, are the too fat lardies rules for vietnam period.

My first blister for this game is a blister form the assault group miniatures, an type 56 Vc team.
I think the miniatures are nice, and very easy to paint.

Vc type 56 1

Vc type 56 2

Vc type 56 3

Vc type 56 4

The type 56 is the chinese version of rpg 2 grenade launcher from Ussr. Was the most popular grenade launcher in Vc guerrilla, and also was a big problem for the US tanks and helicopters. To the end of the war, the type 56 was changed for the well know and popular, rpg 7.

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