sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011

Happy new year 2012.

I am thinking, in my plans for the next year... is complicated, because this year, that to night ends, I was playing very nice battles, and finished a lot of interesting projects.

The first is, what big WAB battle we play this year. I 2010 we played Magnesia, in 2011 Qadesh, and now, I want play a medieval battle or dark ages battle. I want play Standford bridge and Hastings, but no one of my partners in WAB have enought miniatures to play those battles. My first project is finish my 1/72 norman army for hastings, and start and complete a saxon and a viking armies.

The second, is finish the painting of my US 81mm mortar, and add new platoons to my VC and US armies.

And finally, add new platoons to my WWI armies. German, British, French, and Turkish. And of course...paint.

May be this new year, I begin another interesting projects, for example, new armies for modern war, gladiators... I don´t know!!!!

Happy new year!!! and play many battles, win, and, if you play with me, I always win!!!!


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