miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

WWII Vampire slayer.

This morning, I went to a very popular miniatures shop in Madrid, to change my old flames of war set of rules, for the new handbook set.
As usual, I was looking for new miniatures, books...
Looking the WWII warlord boxes, I found a very interesting box. A british soldier, I think is a MP, with a thompson, round model, submachine gun and a cross, and a German or Romanian officer, dressing a hussar uniform, with a big cloack, and the face of a vampire!!!!

The aristocratic vampire officer.

I thought, those miniatures are fantastic, I don´t know for what, because we play WWII games, but not with horror miniatures.
In one second I decided buy the box.
As I told, I don´t know what can I do with the miniatures. I think the soldier is right for WWII, and the vampire for WWI, but, the nazi eagle is in his uniform...
May be to play back of beyond, or fantastic/horror skirmish games, or to give a funny touch to our WWII games.

The vampire slayer

4 comentarios:

  1. Chaval, no tienes remedio... concéntrate, concéntrate!!! Desde luego no te dejo sacar un vampiro en una de mis partidas de IIGM

    1. No me he podido resistir!!! molan un monton las dos miniaturas.
      Un mando aleman con cara de vampiro en una trinchera de flandes en el 17. Impagable.

  2. Esas minaturas estan muyyyyy guapas. Son blister o cajas?

    1. Son blisters. Me costo 5.95.
      He investigado en la gina de warlord, y hay otro blister mas con una alemana de las SS y un hombre lobo.
      Pero ese no me ha gustado nada.