sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

Hache forest assault.

The battlefield. German View.

To try a new set of rules for WWI, too fat lardies, If the lord spares us, we played an small assault during Arras battle.
The germans must defend, at least, their second line of trenches, and the british must assault and conquer the german second line of trenches.
To do this, the british had 10 turns.

The battlefield. British view.

British assault were too slow in the first turns, and this was the bigger problem for them during the battle. Also, the germans were very lucky with the dices, destroying a british unit in the first turn.

German defending their trenches,

Finally, the british, pressing the german, force them to retreat to the second line, but is too late. One small british unit tried to assault the german second line, but was a disaster for them, all the unit were destroyed by the germans.

British assaulting.

A very funny and quick battle, for a set of rules very interesting, fun as can be the lardies.

German retreat.

Miniatures from the collections of Benito Vera and Dario Garcia.

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