domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2011


After 6 months painting miniatures, we played the battle of Qadesh.
Around 10000 1/72 miniatures, 50 chariots, in a 2m x 8m playing area.
It was one of the funniest battles that I played in my life. After 10 hours of playing, the Egyptian army wins the battle after an hittite retreat to the Orontes river. It was not a full victory for the egyptians, was only a tactical victory, but, a victory.
I can show some pictures about the terrain, the deploy, and the first turn.

Armies before first turn.

Hittite chariots try to cross Orontes river.

Egyptian army waiting hittites.

Egyptian camp.

Qadesh city.

Hittite first corp deploy.

Hittite chariots.

Qadesh forest and Orontes river.

Qadesh city.

Orontes valley.

Qadesh forest.

Playing area.

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